School Behavioral Health Program

Organization: DC Department of Behavioral Health (DBH)

DBH operates a school based program in public and public charter schools that offers prevention, early Three female students and a female teacher veiwing a textbook intervention and clinical services to youth and their families. The US Surgeon General reports one in five children and adolescents experience the signs and symptoms of a diagnosable behavioral disorder each year, resulting in significant disruptions of school classrooms, increased truancy, increased risk for alcohol and drug abuse and decreased graduation rates.

Behavioral health clinicians in public schools:

Complement services already offered to students and families
Work within existing support services in the schools to help create a safer and more supportive school climate
Provide supportive services for school teachers and staff. Such services include professional development on a variety of behavioral health topics, classroom management techniques, and case management.
In addition, mental health program clinicians are on hand in the aftermath of traumatic events affecting the school population.
Service Category: Counseling