Administrative Support Certification

Organization: YWCA National Capital Area

Our Administrative Support Certificate Program is a great first step towards any entry-level office support position. Learn to navigate computer software, as well as email, the internet, and social media platforms.

Course Tracks Under Administrative Support:
Information Literacy & Technology: This course will introduce you to keyboarding, basic computer skills, and social media & digital foot printing. Specifically, this course will use the following software & curriculum:

Edutyping is an online software designed for teaching basic typing skills needed to complete academic work via word processing, as well as prepare you for potential entry level positions where typing is a requirement. The curriculum follows a standard keyboarding instructional format where you are introduced to new keys based on frequency of use in the English language.
Northstar Digital Literacy Certificate is an online assessment designed to assess students’ knowledge of various basic computer tasks, including basic computer use, internet, word processing (Word), Microsoft Operating System, and email.
Application: The application is available online on the program website. You can also call for more information.
Service Category: Work Education
Service Eligibility: Women/Girls

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