Organization: United Planning Organization

For many low-income communities throughout DC, this lack of access to healthy food options makes it even more difficult to properly take care of ourselves and our families.
UPO’s Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) program is dedicated to increasing access to healthy food, fighting DC’s childhood hunger epidemic, and educating customers about health, nutrition, and eating right.
Like a debit card for grocery shopping, an EBT card can be used in place of cash, checks, or food stamps to purchase household food items such as bread, fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, and dairy products.
As DC’s official issuer of EBT cards, we process more than 57,000 cards each year and offer training to eligible DC Department of Human Services clients on how to use them.
Application: For more information, contact Luline Almonacy at 202-238-4691.
Service Category: Food Money
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    When we feel our best, we can do and be our best. Our team connects DC residents with the healthy food options, shelter, and support needed on the journey to feeling well and living well!

UPO Anacostia Community Service Center
1649 Good Hope Rd SE Washington DC 20020

(202) 610-5900

Ralph Waldo 'Petey' Greene Community Service Center
2907 Martin Luther King Jr Ave SE Washington DC 20032

(202) 562-3800