Adult Assessment and Referral Center (ARC)

Organization: DC Department of Behavioral Health (DBH)

Once an individual is medically and psychiatric cleared they can report to ARC for a comprehensive assessment. Based upon the assessment it will determine the level of care the individual is eligible for in Substance Use Disorder (SUD) treatment. The individual must be stable to participate in SUD treatment/rehab that is that the client should not be exhibiting psychiatric crisis such as violent behavior, hearing voices, inability to respond to voice commands. Also, the individual should be medically stable such as not exhibiting any respiratory , cardiovascular or injuries etc. that would prevent them from participating in SUD treatment. In addition, the individual should report to ARC with a 30 day medication supply, if applicable, in the event they are assessed for residential services the individual could be sent directly from ARC to residential treatment. If the individual is eligible for Detoxification (an average of 3 day stay), or if eligible for Outpatient (length of stay depends on progression in program) or Residential (an average of 28 day stay) treatment services. If residing in a shelter or supportive living, bring a letterhead supporting the residence at that facility.
711; (202) 727-8473 (Voice) English
Service Category: Care
Service Eligibility: Substance Dependency Adults (31-54)

75 P Street NE Washington, DC 20002
75 P St NE Washington DC 20002

(202) 727-8473