Compassion Power

Emotional Abuse Treatment. Offers classes for anger management, domestic violence to include family violence, teen violence, emotional and verbal abuse, compassionate parenting, core value eating, and anger free driving. Compassion Power also offers a Core Value Workshop in P.G. County for anger regulation and family abuse.
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Emotional Healing Courses

More than 100 brief webinars, quizzes, workbook-like exercises, and 21 essays aimed at teaching emotional regulation and healing emotional wounds.

Core Value Eating

Troubled relationships often cause weight issues. You’re probably painfully aware that diets are not the answer. Any weight lost through diets is almost guaranteed to come back within a year. Diets of...

Core Value Parenting

Increase cooperation, raise self-value, reduce anger…In you and your children. Enjoy your children while guiding them. Address before-the-fact motivation of behavior…Instead of after-the-fact conseque...
Service Category: Education Parenting Education

Anger Regulation Treatment

Repeating the brief exercises in Core Value Reconditioning builds a new conditioned response…To move automatically from a devalued state of anger or resentment…To a feeling of core value. Instead of b...
Service Category: Health Anger Management

Relationship Health

Courses are sold as a unit, 92 brief webinars, plus quizzes and exercises. This course will help you regain a sense of trust in yourself. It offers potent methods to heal, grow, and love again. You’ll...
Service Category: Care Counseling

Overcome Addictions

Online addiction classes aimed at recovery. To maintain a healthy life, free of alcohol and drug abuse, it’s necessary to: Regulate unconscious emotions… Change habits that drive abuse.
Service Category: Health Addiction & Recovery

Consultation with Dr. Stosny

Dr. Stosny schedules 50-minute blocks of private FaceTime, Zoom, or email sessions. Unused time will be refunded. After you make your payment, you will be contacted by email to set up a time for video...
Service Category: Care Counseling
Compassion Power
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