Community of Christ

The Washington, DC Community Christ welcomes all who are seeking to become Christ’s disciples. We strongly believe in community and enjoy our fellowship together. If you want to be part of a loving, caring Christ based faith community, we invite you to share with us!

The DC Community of Christ church is one of the District's hypothermia shelters .
(202) 333 - 6052   (Voice)

Women's Hypothermia Shelter

The Women's Hypothermia Shelter operates from November 1 to March 31, when temperatures drop to deadly lows. The shelter remains open between 7pm and 7am when, and if, temperatures drop below 32 F....
(202) 333-6052 (Voice) English; +1 (800) 535-7252 (Voice) English
Service Category: Housing Emergency Shelter
Service Eligibility: Gender Women/Girls
Community of Christ