There is No Straight Path

Organization: DC Rape Crisis Center

Website offers interactive artwork to describe the complex nature of healing from sexual assault.

Imagining healing is one of the most challenging tasks asked of a survivor. The word itself conjures the visual of a spinning turntable as one navigates feelings of hopelessness, shame, anger, fear, doubt and anxiety. The wreckage caused by trauma can easily overwhelm and paralyze us, making us feel stuck and keeping us in crisis.

DCRCC is committed to the belief that everyone can heal from trauma. We work to preserve individual agency in one’s healing. We seek to build a hub of resources to enable individuals to have more models and greater access to tools and support. The premise of ‘There is No Straight Path’ is to reframe healing as gathering tools and developing skills that begin to restore a sense of power and control. We offer the insight that healing is not a linear path but rather a spiral of resiliency. Like a winding labyrinth, the trials of regaining connection, battling loneliness, managing frustration, building trust, practicing self love and finding hope line a spiral circling outward as we emerge with new insights and more resources
Service Category: Emergency Care
Application: Email or call for more information.

DC Rape Crisis Center
5321 First Place NE Washington DC 20011

(202) 333-7273, (202) 232-0789, (202) 328-1371, (202) 723-0480