Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP)

Organization: DC Department of Human Services (DHS)

ERAP, administered by the Department of Human Services, helps income-eligible District residents (up to 125% of the Federal Poverty Level) facing housing emergencies by providing funding for overdue rent if a qualified household is facing eviction (including late costs and court fees). The program also supports security deposits and first month’s rent for residents moving to new apartments. The amount paid on behalf of eligible households depends on a household’s income and available resources and is subject to certain limitations. ERAP may provide up to 5 months of rent arrears or $4,250, whichever is less. Eligible households may only apply one time a year. In FY21, ERAP has $14 million in funding.
Service Category: Emergency Help Pay for Housing
Service Eligibility: 125% Federal Poverty Line
Application: Call one of the providers of the ERAP program listed here: https://dhs.dc.gov/service/emergency-rental-assistance-program