Veterans Services

Organization: Central Union Mission

The Mission will provide emergency and long-term support to help homeless, hungry and unemployed veterans meet immediate needs, restore their lives and get back on their feet.

Central Union Mission serves veterans in numerous ways:

Shelter - Up to 25 homeless veterans stay in the shelter each night. Some are referred to the Mission by the Veterans Administration. Through a no-cost Memorandum of Understanding with the VA, veterans stay in the Mission free of charge while they participate in the VA’s Substance Abuse Recovery Program. Others come to the Mission by word of mouth.

Food. Through its food pantry, the Mission provides groceries to veterans and their families who are living in poverty. They also benefit from social services, educational opportunities, legal aid and other support. The Mission also serves 3 meals per day to homeless guests as well as other hungry people who walk in its doors.

Workforce Development Programs.: Veterans also have the opportunity to take part in the Mission’s workforce development programs that provide work readiness training, employ veterans in the Mission’s homeless shelter and food pantry as well as in Mission-held contracts and entrepreneurial ventures. The Mission prepares each participating veteran to reenter the workforce and secure their own housing.

Supportive Social Services and Education. Veterans benefit from all levels of service of the Mission, including social services; classes in GED preparation, Basic Adult Education, and job search skills; transitional housing for working veterans who cannot afford their own rent; and rehabilitation from drugs, alcohol and other addictions.
Related Programs:
Application: Call for more information. This program is offered to men at the shelter.
Monday - Friday : 7:30AM - 10:00PM

Central Union Emergency Shelter (Central Union Mission, DC)
The Men’s Shelter feeds and shelters 170-200 men per day and offers comprehensive in-house services, including: medical, dental and psychiatric care; addiction recovery; veteran’s support; spiritual direction; vocational training; education; employment placement; legal support and social services.
Monday - Friday : 7:30AM - 10:00PM