Mentoring and Employment Network

Organization: Southeast Ministry

Learn real-world job skills and are assisted with job placement in diverse fields.
Becoming employed is good news until the new worker learns that an ID card, a uniform, a pair of work boots or tools are needed. For Southeast Ministry (SEM) participants with few resources, job preparation is as critical as getting the job. SEM’s role is to help meet that need. The organization also assists people in finding housing and access supportive services. Participants seeking support cannot always rely on families and friends so Southeast Ministry provides what’s necessary to ensure success.
Since 1990, it has been the goal of Southeast Ministry to prepare learners for the GED exam and opportunities beyond.
Daily Adult Basic Education (ABE) classes are held in a classroom setting where all five GED exam subjects are taught, including math, reading, science, social studies, and writing. Additionally, small group tutoring is made available to learners throughout the course’s entirety.
SEM learners who acquire necessary knowledge and training to find and keep a job know they will have added opportunities to improve their economic prospects and do better in today’s competitive job market.
Getting a GED and becoming employed are the first steps in a long journey. Southeast Ministry works with participants to clarify goals and create plans to move forward in their lives. SEM posts information about employment, education and community placement and helps participants to learn more about these opportunities. SEM offers encouragement to newly employed workers and advice to those facing challenges on the job. At SEM, clients understand learning must be a lifelong process but also appreciate that SEM can be counted on for ongoing support.
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