Teen Mother and Baby Program

Organization: St. Ann's Center for Children, Youth & Families

Grace House is the home of St. Ann's Teen Mother & Baby Program, where pregnant and parenting young women are supported through their pregnancy and early motherhood.

Our dedicated support team offers Grace House clients structure and guidance as they sort through life options, develop new skills, and make important decisions about the well-being of their children and the future of their young family.
Through daily parenting support and weekly parenting skills classes from our Child Care Center staff, new moms learn how to properly care for themselves and their infants.

St. Ann's Social Work Services team helps each of our residents identify goals for personal growth and offers opportunities for young women to explore their interests, express themselves and find support in their community.

In St. Ann’s on-site, Education Center, pregnant and parenting young women have the opportunity to receive tutoring for high school courses, participate in life skills courses, including financial literacy, and receive GED preparation. (GED Support, Post-Secondary Support Services, Volunteer and Internship Opportunities, Career Counseling, and Day Care Services and Parenting Classes)
St. Ann's Education & Employment Program is a collaborative effort in conjunction with our local partners to provide workforce development, career planning, and job search assistance to the residents of our housing programs: Grace House, Hope House & Faith House. Our mission is to assist each of our residents in building the foundation for lifelong independence.
Service Eligibility: Role Mothers Age Group Teens (13-19)
Application: If you are a local pregnant or parenting young woman facing homelessness, St. Ann's Center is just a phone call away. (301) 559-5500. If you are an agency representive, or a runaway or homeless teen mother, and you would like to learn more about admittance to our Teen Mother & Baby Program, please contact: Peggy Gatewood Administrator of Contracts, Licensing and Special Projects [email protected] (301) 559-5500 x154
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