Transitional Housing Program

Organization: St. Ann's Center for Children, Youth & Families

Our Faith House program is housed in a standalone building on St. Ann's campus and includes eight private one-bedroom apartments with a shared kitchen and living areas. Faith House participants receive access to all of St. Ann's supportive services, but in a more independent setting.

Residents of St. Ann's new Hope House program live in large, single-family units on the first floor of St. Ann's main building and share kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces. As in Faith House, residents have access to our wrap-around support services, in addition to 24-hour supervision and mentoring.

Hope House and Faith House clients benefit from St. Ann's on-site, wrap-around services which are designed to not only address their immediate housing needs, but also prepare them for a family-sustaining career, stable home life, and independence.
St. Ann's Employment & Education Counselor encourages, guides and supports the career goals and aspirations of every client.
Our Resident & Life Skills Managers build on each client's inherent strengths in our weekly Parenting and Life Skills Classes.
Hope House and Faith House families have access to our affordable, on-site Child Care Center. Children older than four years old can attend our local Prince George's County public schools.
Every resident receives one-on-one supportive counseling and case management from our Social Work Services Department.

St. Ann's Education & Employment Program is a collaborative effort in conjunction with our local partners to provide workforce development, career planning, and job search assistance to the residents of our housing programs: Grace House, Hope House & Faith House. Our mission is to assist each of our residents in building the foundation for lifelong independence.
Service Eligibility: Gender Women/Girls Role Mothers
Application: If you are a local pregnant or parenting young woman facing homelessness, St. Ann's Center is just a phone call away. (301) 559-5500
(301) 559-5500 (Voice) English

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