Permanent Supportive Housing

Organization: Community of Hope

Here chronically homeless families find and maintain permanent housing through intensive case management, rental assistance and specialized care for children and youth. With a holistic approach, we focus on all areas of families’ lives.

For families who have had multiple experiences with homelessness, they find stability and a home in our permanent supportive housing program. The majority of families live in their own apartments across the city, while some live in a single apartment building. This program provides long-term housing and in-home supportive services to formerly chronically homeless families.

These programs are based on Housing First, a nationally successful model that focuses on helping individuals and families move into and sustain permanent housing – along with a variety of services to promote stability, self-sufficiency and well-being.

We place families into permanent homes and provide them with the tools they need to focus on their life goals, including:

In-home, goal-oriented case management
Assistance on finding an affordable apartment
Connection to employment and training
Navigation through school and life challenges for their children
Pairing eligible youth with volunteer mentors
Connection to community resources
A team of staff – with expertise in the areas of case management, housing, employment and youth – work with the parents and children in each family to help them achieve those goals.

Home Now
We provide scattered-site permanent supportive housing to about 150 formerly homeless families with children. Families hold leases in their own names and pay up to 30 percent of their income towards rent.

Mississippi Avenue and Archer Park Apartments
In a public, private, and nonprofit partnership - we provide apartment-style permanent supportive housing to 18 families with children and 11 individuals, who have previously struggled with chronic homelessness.
Service Category: Housing
Application: Access to these services comes through referrals from the Virginia Williams Family Resource Center, the central intake for DC’s coordinated homelessness assistance system for families with children. Visit this page for exact info:
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Virginia Williams Family Resource Center
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