Tenant Anti-Displacement Services

Organization: Housing Counseling Services (HCS)

This program helps groups of renters in multi-unit buildings protect their rights as tenants and avoid displacement. Tenant Services meets with tenants as a group, usually in the tenants’ own buildings, to help them organize and effectively address problems in their buildings and protect their rights as renters. Tenants in the following situations should contact Tenant Services immediately:

– Tenants who have received notice that their buildings will be sold, converted to condos, foreclosed on, renovated, demolished, or vacated for any reason.

– Tenants living in a Section 8 property who have received notice that their building’s Section 8 contract is going to expire.

– Tenants living in a building with building-wide housing code violations and /or poor conditions. (Including Lead Safety Hazards)

– Tenants who want assistance forming or running a Tenant Association.

– Any tenant who wants more information about resolving a building-wide issue or dispute with their landlord or management company.

The Tenant Services Program HCS helps tenants form and administer Tenant Associations. Tenant Associations allow tenants to collectively address concerns about conditions in their building. DC law guarantees the rights of tenants to organize tenant associations.

*Call and ask to speak to the Tenant Services department for more information.
Service Category: Legal Housing
Application: Call for more information.

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