Independent Living Services

Organization: DC Department on Disability Services (DDS)

The Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) Independent Living Services (ILS) program provides services to individuals with disabilities to help them to live as independently as possibly in the community.

RSA partners with the DC Center for Independent Living and other private agencies in the community to provide the following four core independent living services:

Independent Living Skills Training
Information and Referral
Peer Support
All individuals in the District of Columbia with a significant disability are eligible for independent living services. Any individual may seek information about Iindependent living services under this program and request referral to other services and programs for individual with significant disabilities, as appropriate.
Service Category: Independent Living Housing
Service Eligibility: Living with a Disability Disability
Application: Must contact the DC Center for Independent Living to establish eligibility and apply for services.
(202) 388-0033 (Voice)

250 E Street SW Washington, DC 20024
250 E St SW Washington DC 20024

(202) 730-1700

DC Center for Independent Living - Main Office
2600 12th St, NE Washington DC 20018

(202) 398-3018, (202) 470-1534, (202) 388-0033

Monday - Friday : 9:00AM - 5:00PM