Housing Independence Through Employment (HITE) Program

Organization: Housing Counseling Services (HCS)

The Housing Independence Through Employment (HITE) program seeks to assist highly motivated individuals in achieving their highest level of economic and housing independence through employment and housing support for up to 24 months. The target population to be served are adults who are living with HIV/AIDS, whose income is at or below 50% AMI and whose primary barrier to stability is economic. Appropriate candidates must be able to develop a plan to enhance their economic independence within a 24 month period. Due to the time-limited nature of services associated with the HITE program, it is not intended to serve persons in need of long-term or permanent support services or rental assistance.
Service Category: Work Help Pay for Housing
Service Eligibility: Living with HIV or AIDS
Application: Who is Eligible? HIV+ High school diploma or GED Eligible to work in the United States Income must be at or below 50% of the Area Median Income (AMI): FY 2018 50% AMI $41,050 for single adult Annually Must be able to identify realistic goals, achievable within a 24 month period, to achieve economic and housing independence. Must engage in intensive case management and/or other HCS supportive services up to 4x/month At least 24 months of one of the following within the last 5 years: Full-time employment, or a combination of part-time employment hours equal to that of full-time employment; Full-time student; Part-time student with part or full-time employment; Paid or unpaid volunteering or internships meeting full-time hours Any combination of the above For more information regarding the HITE Program, please contact Jordan Kemmer at (202) 667-7568

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