Discharge Planning and Social Work Support Services

Organization: MedStar Washington Hospital Center

Social workers can help you think things through and make arrangements for your special needs both during your stay and after you leave the hospital.

Nurse case managers and social workers are available to assist you and your family to make arrangements for post-hospital care.

The staff can help you arrange for a nursing home or aftercare facility, suggest physical, financial or emotional support services, arrange for visiting nurse, hospice or other home care services, arrange for transportation home from the hospital, refer you to community resources such as counseling or personal or family problems, or help you and your family face the difficulties of terminal illness.

It is wise to begin to plan for any needed post hospital care or services early in your hospital stay to assure a safe and appropriate discharge plan. Also, plans need to be coordinated with your insurance coverage. Not all insurances cover all services.
Service Category: Care
Service Eligibility: Health Conditions
Application: For inpatients at WMC only. You can reach a nurse case manager or social worker through the nursing staff on your nursing unit, your physician, or by calling extension 7-6286.

MedStar Washington Hospital Center
110 Irving St., NW Washington DC 20010