Northwood High School Wellness Program

Organization: National Center for Children and Families

The Northwood High School Wellness Center provides opportunities for students and families to receive support in key areas, including physical and emotional health, pro-social activities and concrete services. The Wellness Center is devoted to helping students in the school community reach their full potential by offering coordinated medical care, quality counseling, positive youth development, and health education experiences in a confidential and culturally sensitive manner. All programs and services are provided in an inclusive, culturally competent, trauma informed and confidential manner. This proven approach to service delivery assists students and their families improve upon their individual and family functioning, which often results in improved, verifiable outcomes.

Located in the Four Corners neighborhood of Silver Spring, The Northwood High School Wellness Center provides a wide array of services that include somatic health care, mental health counseling (individual, family and group), case management, positive youth development (PYD) activities, workforce development, conflict resolution and mediation, and parent education, outreach and engagement. From bilingual mental health counseling, to civic engagement and family reunification groups, the Wellness Center team also reflects the make-up of the students, and provides an array of culturally appropriate services to meet the most urgent needs of its student population. Each year, it continues to provide this safe haven for youth, evidenced by over 350 students who seek services from the Wellness Center annually, as well as the stellar outcomes reported in customer satisfaction surveys.
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Service Category: Care Specialized Therapy
Service Eligibility: High School Students Teens (13-19)
Application: Call or email for more information.

Northwood High School
919 University Blvd West Silver Spring MD 20903
Monday - Thursday : 7:00PM - 9:00PM


Roscoe Johnson


Northwood High School Wellness Center Site Coordinator


[email protected]