Supported Employment

Organization: DC Department on Disability Services (DDS)

Supported employment is both an approach and array of services that enables people with significant disabilities to be successful in the workforce. The goal of supported employment is to assist people in finding and keeping employment in competitive jobs in typical integrated work settings.

Services someone may receive through supported employment, depending on the funding source, include:

development of job opportunities
job coaching at a work site
job retention support
assistance with transportation arrangement and/or travel training
direct instruction to assist the person in learning all aspects of their job
support to arrange for needed accommodations, and
follow-along support, which can include support to a person’s supervisor and coworkers so that they can effectively supervise and support that employee.
For some people, supported employment staff may assist them in negotiating a customized job that both benefits the employer’s business, meets the employer’s needs, and is a good fit (such as, customized) for the person’s skills and interests.
Service Eligibility: Living with a Disability Disability
Application: Contact the agency to establish eligibility and apply for services.
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