Mary Elizabeth House

Supporting the positive development of young, single mothers and their children through life-skills training, education and workforce guidance, counseling and housing.

We provide life-skills training and support for young mothers who are in or have aged-out of the child welfare system. All of our young mothers have experienced family disruption and a host of other challenges that substantially impact their lives.
The Mary Elizabeth House offers skills in home management, employment, educational attainment and supportive parenting.

Our structured residential program, educational supports, mental health counseling, and spiritual guidance help to stabilize young women and their children impacted by weak family and community connections, trauma, neglect and abuse.

Our organization supports young mothers, between the ages of 17 and 24, in a supportive five-year housing program. The children benefit from our AsA Early Learning Academy (preschool program) which is also open to community children.

The Mary Elizabeth House assumes the full cost of maintaining our independent living facility and of all the programming provided to participants during their stay.
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Mary Elizabeth House
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The Mary Elizabeth House, Inc. A Ministry
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