Total Family Care Coalition (TFCC)

Total Family Care Coalition (TFCC) is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit incorporated in 2006. TFCC is a member of the National Federation of Families for Children with Mental Health and designated Lead Contact for Children and Families in the District of Columbia.

TFCC is the leading provider of family advocacy and support to parents of children and youth with serious emotional disturbances in the District of Columbia. We are here to help families and youth grow and thrive, regardless of race, age, background, sexual orientation or income.

We specialize in empowering youth with serious emotional disturbances to advocate for their own care plans. TFCC works closely with families to help them overcome life obstacles. Our staff is made up on persons with “lived experience” and have experienced similar life challenges as those we serve. Our peer support workers are determined to help families, youth and individuals find achievable solutions to support their life journey. TFCC has a dynamic and distinctive homegrown approach, using peer support to connect with youth and parents through our shared experiences.

After School Program

Our After School Program (8-13 yrs) offers homework assistance on academics during the school year and mentoring services. We also offer a variety of educational and wellness workshops.
Service Eligibility: Age Group

ART Program

Our Art Program (5-24 yrs) is an expressive interactive program designed to help youth deal with grief and loss. The program creates a voice that will be heard and an opportunity for dreams to come tr...

Transition Advocacy Project

Transition to Independence Process (TIP) Model is a tool to work with youth transitioning from youth services to adult services. Our youth peer mentors help young adults develop vision boards and succ...

Youth Leadership program

TFCC supports the local chapter of Youth MOVE (Motivating Others through Voices of Experience) national youth advocacy nonprofit. This youth leadership program amplifies young adults' experience by si...
Service Category: Education Civic Engagement

Parent to Parent Program

Parent mentors provide a supportive network of parents that work together to develop leadership skills, enhance their parenting skills, educational advocacy, and parental rights. We also host parent l...
Service Category: Education Parenting Education
Service Eligibility: Role Parents

Initiative Workshop

We teach fathers and teen dads how to be a part of their child’s life. Coach, educate and support fathers and teen dads with parenting skills. This program also helps identify community resources fo...
Service Category: Education Parenting Education
Service Eligibility: Role Parents Fathers

Teen Parent Program

Our teen parent program supports teen parent ages 16 to 22. We provide supportive services by individuals who have “lived experience.” Our supportive services are open to the teen, teen dads and paren...

Summer enrichment camp

A free six-week summer camp to provide a safe space, mentoring, academic enrichment, social emotional learning, and field trips to provide positive social engagement.

Women's Support Group

Our Women’s Support Group presents a safe environment for sharing daily challenges and support for building better quality lives for their families.
Service Eligibility: Gender Women/Girls Role Mothers

Senior Programs

We provide health and wellness workshops and seminars to our seniors. We let seniors know they are valued.
Service Category: Education Health Education
Service Eligibility: Age Group Seniors (55+)
1214 I Street SE, Suite 11 Washington DC 20003