Christ House

Christ House provides comprehensive and compassionate health care to sick, homeless men in the District of Columbia.
(202) 328 - 1100   (Voice)

Medical Care at Christ House

Twenty-four-hour medical care is provided by staff physicians, nurse practitioners, and a team of nurses and nursing assistants. They evaluate and treat patients, perform tests, change dressings, mana...
(202) 328-1100 (Voice) English; (202) 508-0500 (Voice); (202) 328-7461 (Fax) English; (202) 596-0924 (Intake Line) English
Service Category: Health Medical Care

Kairos Program

Kairos is a spiritual recovery program, and Kairos House is a facility-based environment in which that recovery can take place. Kairos Program participants are capable of living independently, but due...

Holistic Support Services

In an effort to treat the whole person, we have several support services that we provide for residents to engage their bodies, minds, and spirits.
Service Eligibility: Gender Men/Boys Housing Status Homeless
Christ House