Supporting and Mentoring Youth Advocates and Leaders (SMYAL)

SMYAL (Supporting and Mentoring Youth Advocates and Leaders) supports and empowers lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth in the Washington, DC, metropolitan region. Through youth leadership, SMYAL creates opportunities for LGBTQ youth to build self-confidence, develop critical life skills, and engage their peers and community through service and advocacy. The League also offers medical services for HIV Testing, counseling and referrals, as well as support and discussion groups,
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Sexual Health Services

SMYAL offers several sexual health services. Services include: • Condom distribution • STI screenings • HIV testing • PrEP and PEP referrals

SMYAL Clinical Services

SMYAL aids in removing barriers for LGBTQ+ youth looking for therapists and other counselors. Individual Therapy Group Sessions Trauma-Informed Yoga Sound Healing Mindfullness

SMYAL Housing Program

Across SMYAL’s Youth Housing Program, 60+ residents receive LGBTQ-affirming support and individually-tailored services as they move through our three-tiered progress system toward sustainable independ...