National Center for Children and Families

Current program services include emergency shelters and transitional housing for homeless families, a high-intensity therapeutic group home, therapeutic and traditional foster care and adoption, independent living for youth transitioning to adulthood, teen parent services, and community-based prevention services that promote academic achievement, parental involvement, economic and vocational stability, and healthy families. Our programs have become social service models, redefining both NCCF’s reputation and the agency’s position in the human service continuum in the Washington Metropolitan Region.
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Greentree Shelter (GTS)

The Greentree Shelter (GTS) is the largest emergency family shelter in Maryland’s Montgomery County. GTS receives children and their parents facing sudden homelessness. Serving county residents since...
(301) 365-4480  ext. x126
  • 6301 Greentree Road Bethesda MD 20817
Service Category: Housing Emergency Shelter
Service Eligibility: Families Homeless

Futurebound Transitional Housing Program

A single unaccompanied youth must either seek shelter with family or friends or in the adult shelter system, where they do not receive appropriate support services. The FutureBound Transitional Housin...
Service Category: Care Housing Money Education

Project Based Voucher Program

The Project Based Voucher Program (PBV) is a permanent housing program located in Silver Spring, Maryland which serves an annual average of 38 children and their parents. Families apply for a voucher...
Service Category: Housing
Service Eligibility: Homeless

Rapid Re-housing Young Adult Program (RRHYA)

The Young Adult Rapid Rehousing Program (YARRH) addresses the acute and specific needs of 18 to 24-year-old parents who are housing-insecure in Montgomery County. Launched in 2015, NCCF assists young...
Service Category: Housing

The Neediest Kid Program (TNK)

TNK’s premise is simple and profoundly effective. By providing targeted support to a student in need rapidly and discreetly, we can enable that child to focus on school and commit to their own growth...
(301) 365-4480  ext. x109
  • 6301 Greentree Road Bethesda MD 20817
Service Category: Money Care

Northwood High School Wellness Program

The Northwood High School Wellness Center provides opportunities for students and families to receive support in key areas, including physical and emotional health, pro-social activities and concrete...
  • 919 University Blvd West Silver Spring MD 20903
Service Category: Care Specialized Therapy
Service Eligibility: High School Students Teens (13-19)

Innovative Family Connections (IFC)

Innovative Family Connections (IFC) serves children from the District of Columbia who have been removed from their birth parents and placed in licensed foster homes in Maryland. The children we serve...
Service Category: Care Housing Adoption & Foster Care
Service Eligibility: Foster Youth Youth (6-12)

Greentree Adolescent Program (GAP)

Established in 1973, GAP is a high-intensity, structured group home in Bethesda Maryland, serving males aged 12-20 who have experienced physical and emotional abuse, neglect, sex and human trafficking...
  • 6301 Greentree Road Bethesda MD 20817
Service Eligibility: Foster Youth

New Beginning Temporary Shelter

The NEW BEGINNING TEMPORARY FAMILY SHELTER provides emergency apartment-style housing and comprehensive supportive services, annually, to over 200 homeless children and their families in the heart of...
(202) 332-1505  ext. x106
Service Category: Housing Emergency Shelter
Service Eligibility: Families Homeless

NCCF's Freedom Schools

In partnership with the Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) led by Marian Wright Edelman, Freedom Schools match students from Kindergarten through Twelfth grade in vulnerable communities with college studen...
(202) 396-9330  ext. x333
  • 1438 Rhode Island Avenue NE Washington DC 20018
Service Category: Mentoring Education
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