Regional Addiction Prevention (RAP) Inc. (RAP Inc.)

Founded in 1970, RAP (Regional Addiction Prevention), Inc. is a not-for-profit health care and human welfare agency specializing in residential substance abuse treatment; HIV/AIDS care; emergency and transitional housing; nutritional counseling; and out-patient primary medical care. Residents and clients are adult male and female District of Columbia residents.

RAP's overarching mission is to promote and enhance human health - physically, spiritually, emotionally and socially. Individualized intensive and comprehensive assessment and case management guarantee an all-inclusive care plan.

Licensed Professional Counselors and Certified Addictions Counselors – supported by the operations and administrative teams – provide individual and group counseling that includes encounter groups, relapse prevention, drug education, anger management, conflict resolution, spirituality, and life skills education. A full complement of aftercare and recovery support services is made available to program graduates and community-based participants.

The Medical Staff – Physicians, Physician’s Assistants, Registered Nurses, Medical Assistants and a Registered Dietician – provide outpatient ambulatory medical care; HIV/AIDS testing and counseling; nutritional counseling and various screenings including hepatitis, TB, prostate cancer, hypertension, kidney disease, glucose and cholesterol.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Regional Addiction Prevention (RAP), Inc. uses the therapeutic community (TC) approach to substance abuse treatment. We offer drug and alcohol-free residential settings that use the influence of the c...
  • 1949 4th Street, N.E. Washington DC 20002
  • 1629 K Street NW Washington DC 20006
Service Category: Care

Primary Medical Care - Regional Addiction Prevention (RAP) Inc.

Our medical staff provides primary medical care to HIV positive individuals through our Outpatient Primary Medical Care Program. Care includes: Physical examinations Laboratory tests Subspecialty r...
  • 1949 4th Street, N.E. Washington DC 20002
Service Eligibility: Health Conditions

Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition services at RAP promote a holistic approach to diet, nutrition, and health. Our program Teaches the fundamentals of nutrition aimed at promoting good health Encourages a diet rich in whole...
  • 1949 4th Street, N.E. Washington DC 20002
Service Category: Care

Emergency Housing - RAP

Our emergency housing program provides beds for ten single adult men for a maximum stay of 4-6 weeks. On site case management, linkage to entitlement and medical providers are some of the services off...
  • 1949 4th Street, N.E. Washington DC 20002
Service Category: Housing

Case Management - RAP

Comprehensive outpatient services are offered to those consumers who are HIV+: Support groups, counseling, and auxiliary services HIV One-on-One Education Entitlements (social, medical and mental h...
  • 1949 4th Street, N.E. Washington DC 20002
Service Category: Care Food
Service Eligibility: Health Conditions
Administrative Office - Chancellor Williams Learning Center
1957 4th Street, N.E. Washington DC 20002
The Calvin Rolark Center
1949 4th Street, N.E. Washington DC 20002
Main Location
1629 K Street NW Washington DC 20006