Regional Addiction Prevention (RAP) Inc. (RAP Inc.)

Founded in 1970, RAP (Regional Addiction Prevention), Inc. is a not-for-profit health care and human welfare agency specializing in residential substance abuse treatment; HIV/AIDS care; emergency and transitional housing; nutritional counseling; and out-patient primary medical care. Residents and clients are adult male and female District of Columbia residents.

RAP's overarching mission is to promote and enhance human health - physically, spiritually, emotionally and socially. Individualized intensive and comprehensive assessment and case management guarantee an all-inclusive care plan.

Licensed Professional Counselors and Certified Addictions Counselors – supported by the operations and administrative teams – provide individual and group counseling that includes encounter groups, relapse prevention, drug education, anger management, conflict resolution, spirituality, and life skills education. A full complement of aftercare and recovery support services is made available to program graduates and community-based participants.

The Medical Staff – Physicians, Physician’s Assistants, Registered Nurses, Medical Assistants and a Registered Dietician – provide outpatient ambulatory medical care; HIV/AIDS testing and counseling; nutritional counseling and various screenings including hepatitis, TB, prostate cancer, hypertension, kidney disease, glucose and cholesterol.

Case Management - RAP

Comprehensive outpatient services are offered to those consumers who are HIV+: Support groups, counseling, and auxiliary services HIV One-on-One Education Entitlements (social, medical and mental h...
  • 1949 4th Street, N.E. Washington DC 20002
Service Category: Care Food
Service Eligibility: Health Conditions

Emergency Housing - RAP

Our emergency housing program provides beds for ten single adult men for a maximum stay of 4-6 weeks. On site case management, linkage to entitlement and medical providers are some of the services off...
  • 1949 4th Street, N.E. Washington DC 20002
Service Category: Housing

Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition services at RAP promote a holistic approach to diet, nutrition, and health. Our program Teaches the fundamentals of nutrition aimed at promoting good health Encourages a diet rich in whole...
  • 1949 4th Street, N.E. Washington DC 20002
Service Category: Care

Primary Medical Care - Regional Addiction Prevention (RAP) Inc.

Our medical staff provides primary medical care to HIV positive individuals through our Outpatient Primary Medical Care Program. Care includes: Physical examinations Laboratory tests Subspecialty r...
  • 1949 4th Street, N.E. Washington DC 20002
Service Eligibility: Health Conditions

Substance Abuse Treatment

Regional Addiction Prevention (RAP), Inc. uses the therapeutic community (TC) approach to substance abuse treatment. We offer drug and alcohol-free residential settings that use the influence of the c...
  • 1949 4th Street, N.E. Washington DC 20002
  • 1629 K Street NW Washington DC 20006
Service Category: Care
Administrative Office - Chancellor Williams Learning Center
1957 4th Street, N.E. Washington DC 20002
The Calvin Rolark Center
1949 4th Street, N.E. Washington DC 20002
Main Location
1629 K Street NW Washington DC 20006