Youth Enrichment Program YEP!

Alternate Name: YEP!

Organization: New Endeavors by Women

YEP! utilizes the Early Risers “Skills for Success” model to engage children and parents in the children’s scholastic achievement, especially reading and math, as well as their social growth. YEP! operates during the school year and summer months, giving children a full year of support and enrichment activities.

NEW staff and volunteers provide homework assistance during the week after school, as well as educational and cultural activities on the weekends. This year we are serving 25 children in YEP! and nearly all of them are performing at grade level or above in reading and math. We believe that supporting our youth so they can experience success in school is a tangible way to work to end homelessness.

NEW has two family programs – New Horizons and New Generations – which provide both transitional and permanent supportive housing. By offering comprehensive model support services, we help strengthen women’s capacity to be heads of household, and offer women and children a chance to build life skills and forge stronger bonds as a family unit.
Service Category: Education
Service Eligibility: Youth (6-12)
(202) 682-5825 (Voice) English

New Endeavors by Women