Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right SNAP-Ed

Alternate Name: SNAP-ed

Organization: University of the District of Columbia

UDC SNAP-Ed strengthens the nutrition literacy of individuals and families using or eligible for SNAP benefits through various interactive and engaging activities. With a focus on underserved wards, (Wards 5, 7 and 8), UDC SNAP-Ed conducts nutrition workshops and food demonstrations, and provides obesity prevention support and technical assistance in various settings across the District. Topics covered include healthy eating with limited resources, physical activity, food safety and hygiene, and all aspects of food resource management.


Healthy Schools and Childcare in the District
Healthy Families and Adults in the District
Healthy Seniors in the District
Healthy Corners Stores in the District
Farmers Market Nutrition Education

Interested in an educator visiting your site for nutrition workshops? We offer the following nutrition education & obesity prevention outreach services:

SNAP-Ed lessons in the classroom
Parent and staff nutrition workshops
Nutrition workshops for older adults
Workplace wellness lunch & learns
Healthy food demonstrations
DC local wellness policy support
School wellness council support
Service Category: Food Nutrition Education Education
Application: Must be receiving or eligible for SNAP benefits
(202) 274-6783 (Voice) English