Client Assistance Program (CAP)

Organization: Division of Rehabilitation Services

Having a problem with a DORS service? Contact the Maryland Client Assistance Program (CAP). CAP will help you with concerns or difficulties you may have when applying for or receiving services funded under the federal Rehabilitation Act. Rehabilitation Act services include vocational and independent living services through the Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS), as well as services through Centers for Independent Living (CILs). Our staff can provide you with information and advocacy assistance to help resolve your concerns about rehabilitation services. CAP staff have detailed knowledge about the DORS program and the federal and state laws and policies that regulate it. They will try to resolve disagreements at the local office level, but will assist you in appeals requests and court actions, if necessary. CAP's goal is to assure that you are treated respectfully and fairly and in a manner consistent with agency policies and state and federal laws.

DORS Client Assistance Program (CAP)
2301 Argonne Drive Baltimore MD 21218

410-554-9361, 800-638-6243, 410-554-9362