Project Safe Place

Organization: Sasha Bruce

Project Safe Place provides safety and shelter to young people in immediate danger or in need of services. Since 1989 SBY has been the Washington DC sponsor for Project Safe Place, a national program that works to provide a safe place for youth in need of crisis-related help. Project Safe Place is a network of businesses, community organizations, and fire stations that serve as entry points to SBY services and can be identified because they display the Safe Place logo. When young people access these sites, personnel at the location call SBY and provide a safe place for the young person to wait while SBY dispatches a trained counselor to pick up the youth. Young people are brought to the Sasha Bruce House shelter where they have access to all of SBY’s services. Young people who need assistance can also call the Safe Place hotline directly at 202-547-7777 to speak with trained SBY staff.
Service Category: Housing
Service Eligibility: Homeless Youth (6-12)
Application: Call for services. If it's an emergency, call the emergency hotline at 202-547-7777.

Project Safe Place
701 Maryland Avenue NE Washington DC 20002

(202) 547-7777, (202) 675-9340