Restoration and Transformation Program

Organization: Central Union Mission

Our Restoration & Transformation Program is a residential rehabilitation program created to free men from the control of drugs, alcohol and other destructive behavior by establishing an active relationship with Jesus Christ. The program includes focused work by the participant in areas such as addictions, mental/emotional health, breaking unhealthy behaviors, Bible study, education, job training and others.

The 18 to 24 month program begins with a robust assessment of each person’s mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, educational and vocational status and an Individual Development Plan is created. A multidisciplinary team of social workers, chaplains, teachers, vocational instructors, doctors, therapists, and others walk with each man toward transformation.

The program and each day is highly structured, and over the course of the program every aspect of their lives are being addressed and transformed. Progressively, each man walks through his past issues, destructive thought and behavior patterns are addressed, addiction treatment continues, physical/dental/mental health issues are treated and their spiritual beliefs are explored (conversion to the Christian faith is not required for services nor participation).

The program can accommodate 50 students in systematic Bible study, biblical counseling, regular drug testing and work therapy. Classes and tutoring in reading, writing, math, job readiness and computer skills are also provided. After completing the program, men enter a Transition Period where they seek employment and are mentored through a gradual transition back into the community.

We enable restoration of family relationships and a strong relationship with a mentor church to help prevent relapse and ensure the graduate’s continued growth and accountability.
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Service Eligibility: Homeless Men/Boys Housing Status Gender
Application: Call for more information. This program is offered to men at the shelter.
Monday - Friday : 7:30AM - 10:00PM

Central Union Emergency Shelter (Central Union Mission, DC)
The Men’s Shelter feeds and shelters 170-200 men per day and offers comprehensive in-house services, including: medical, dental and psychiatric care; addiction recovery; veteran’s support; spiritual direction; vocational training; education; employment placement; legal support and social services.
Monday - Friday : 7:30AM - 10:00PM