Lukey Kaempfer Transformation Project

Organization: Sasha Bruce

The Lukey Kaempfer Transformation Project will prepare formerly homeless Sasha Bruce clients to enter college by offering a dedicated education coordinator to provide them with an intensive high school navigational experience relevant to college admissions and to coordinate college access planning with each participant to include:

• G.E.D. Preparation (if necessary);
• After school tutoring;
• Mentoring (particularly during summer months)
• Study skills development;
• SAT/ACT preparation;
• Career exploration and training opportunities;
• College tour arrangements and visits;
• Practical supports on college campuses where participants have enrolled; and
• College scholarship and financial assistance support.

The initial cohort will be comprised of 5 prospective undergraduate students during the project’s first year of operation with a plan to add an additional 5 SBY clients annually (until the program reaches a maximum of 25 students).
Service Category: Education
Service Eligibility: Youth (6-12)
Application: Candidates interested in joining the cohort group will be required to complete a career interest inventory in addition to submission of school records and a reference for college/career readiness from a SBY program manager. Client credentials will be reviewed by project supporters to include a representative from the Kaempfer Family; a member of the SBY Board of Directors; a representative of the SBY’s Community Impact Council; SBY’s Chief of Programs; and a member of the SBY Senior Team.

Sasha Bruce House
1022 Maryland Ave NE Washington DC 20002

(202) 546-4900