Recreation and Education

Organization: Vida Senior Centers

There are two fundamental ingredients when it comes to thinking about the best recipes to avoid diseases: one is to feel happy and accompanied and the second is to continue learning. All scientific studies refer to the need to continue using the mind to prevent diseases related to memory loss. And that's why at VIDA we offer all kinds of classes: embroidery, weaving, art, music, dance, zumba, English, Spanish, jewelry, computing, among other specific trainings. We believe that happiness is built with small daily illusions, and with personal satisfaction. And then we focus on reinforcing the self-esteem of participants. On the other hand, we believe that being with friends doing all these things helps a person to feel better. Being able to share with other older adults and have a place where they feel welcome is an essential element in the elderly. That is why VIDA offers, in addition to all its classes, a whole package of recreation and socialization activities, such as walks, birthday celebrations, parties, group dances, and other activities and festivities that vary weekly. In summary, among the Education activities that we carry out regularly are the following classes:

• English for Beginners
• Intermediate English
• Literacy is Spanish
• Computing
• Embroidery
• Tissue
• Jewelry
• Singing
• Art / Painting
• Dance / Zumba

Among the recreational activities are the following:
• Birthday celebrations every month
• Bingo several times a week
• Out of center walks
• Daily monitoring of vital signs
• Diabetes Monitoring
• Weekly Chronic Disease classes in the Elderly
• Drug Adhesion Monitoring
• Training on how to be regular with medications
• Reference to medical consultations if necessary
• Support to make appointments with your doctors
Service Category: Care Education
Application: Call to join the center.
Monday - Friday : 9:00AM - 5:00PM

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