Health Promotion and Wellness

Organization: Vida Senior Centers

VIDA daily monitors the health condition of our participants. Vida has a Cuban geriatrician who fulfills the role of Health Advisor and Coordinator of the Health Promotion and Wellness Program. In addition, we have an Argentine Internist doctor, who supports this same task in our VIDA-Brightwood Meal-Site. As part of the Health Promotion program, our counselors routinely check the participants who register daily: their pressure is measured; their blood sugar levels are monitored; and their vital signs are supervised. Due to the high preparation of our counselors, when it is detected that the participant requires a medical appointment, the participants are referred to an appointment with their primary doctor or the needed specialist, if the case requires so. VIDA works with 7 hospitals in the city to which our counselors refer the participants when necessary. If the participant needs it, our social service counselor helps the participant to make the medical appointment. Sometimes the language barriers require this type of support. We also have a medication monitoring program to teach participants to know the benefits and side effects of the medications they take, so that they can understand the impact of their medications and identify if there is a problem. As part of the “Medication Monitoring Program”, a personalized follow-up of each person who enrolls in the program is carried out and a medication organizer pill is provided free of charge, so that they learn to take their medications on time and also learn to realize when they forget to take their pills. Likewise, VIDA also offers two weekly classes on common chronic diseases in older adults. Finally, Vida Senior Centers complements health education with the promotion of physical activity. VIDA offers arthritis exercise classes, chair exercise classes, dance and zumba classes, and yoga classes for seniors at its two locations. In summary, the activities offered by VIDA as part of the Health Promotion Program are the following:

• Daily monitoring of vital signs
• Diabetes Monitoring
• Weekly Chronic Disease classes in the Elderly
• Drug Adhesion Monitoring
• Training on how to be regular with medications
• Reference to medical consultations if necessary
• Support to make appointments with your doctors.
Service Eligibility: Health Conditions Latinx Seniors (55+)
Application: Call to join the center.
Monday - Friday : 9:00AM - 5:00PM

Vida Brightwood
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Vida Adams Morgan
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