Partnership to Independence

Organization: A Wider Circle

The Partnership to Independence (P2I) is a new initiative based on 17 years of working with individuals and families with one goal in mind – helping them to achieve sustained self-sufficiency. It integrates the lessons we have learned and the best of our services to date in the areas of workforce development, health & wellness, and wraparound support.

P2I is an intensive five-year commitment for families living below the poverty line, and we will launch the initial cohort in the fall of 2018. This cohort will include up to 100 families, each of which will be matched with Advocates (experienced Wider Circle staff members) and individual volunteers, who together will provide comprehensive, consistent, and long-term support.

The program is a part of A Wider Circle’s drive toward both a more outcomes-based approach and more client-centered programming. While our services continue to be in great demand and produce significant change for individuals and families, we, like many organizations across the country, yearn for more progress in supporting families’ efforts to rise out of poverty. We believe this program will contribute significantly to that end.

Participants will receive individualized planning support and a wide range of skill-building and educational opportunities. Select services include:

Collaborative goal setting
Workforce development training and coaching to assist with obtaining and retaining employment
Health and wellness assessments and classes covering physical, mental, emotional, and other dimensions of well-being, as well as twice yearly home visits
Financial management and skill building
Provision of essential items to ensure that basic needs are met
Referrals to a wide range of partners and specialists
Application: Cohorts only launch once a year. Please call if you are interested in joining.
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