Barriers to Employment

Organization: Neighborhood Legal Services Program (NLSP)

NLSP will consider handling following types of problems that are preventing clients from getting or keeping jobs:

Criminal records
Denials of employment when they are improperly based on arrest or credit reports
Excessive wage garnishments
Problems with child support arrearages
-Denial of employment because arrearages are owed
-Threats of jail
-Driver’s license suspensions
Improper inclusion in an abuse/neglect registry
Denials of professional licenses
We may also assist with the following employment-related problems:

Recovering unpaid wages such as
-Wages below minimum wage
-Unpaid overtime
-Unpaid tips
-Charges for equipment that bring wages below minimum
Unemployment or tax problems because employers define workers as "independent contractors" instead of "employees”
We may offer advice and brief services for other employment-related issues. If we cannot assist you, we will help find an organization that can.
Application: Call or walk in during intake hours for an intake. Income eligibility guidelines ( may be flexible on a case by case basis.
Service Category: Legal

NLSP Headquarters
64 New York Ave NE Washington DC 20002

(202) 832-1984, (202) 832-6577

NLSP Southeast Office
2412 Minnesota Avenue, SE Washington DC 20020

(202) 832-6577, (202) 889-3374

NLSP Far Northeast Office
4609 Polk Street, NE Washington DC 20019

(202) 399-1349, (202) 832-6577