Permanent Supportive Housing Program (PSH)

Organization: MBI Health Services

Who is MBI Health Services LLC.?

MBI Health Services, LLC is a certified behavioral health agency servicing the D.C. Metropolitan Area. We provide a wide range of services and programs for both adults and children for the sake of helping each individuals gain back their confidence and security into their lives. Permanent supportive Housing (PSH) assist with Housing search, acquisition, and setup, landlord negotiations, credit, referrals, deposits, arrange utilities, phone, insurance, furnishings, recreation, housekeeping, food shopping and preparation, financial management, medication management, dental, nutrition, accessing natural supports, transportation, medical care, dental, disabilities benefits applications and appeals and SOARS.

What should I expect?

ICM teams such as the PSHP at MBI that provide (Intensive Case Management) are designed to support individuals with less acute mental health and addiction issues through an individualized case management approach. The goal of case management is to help Clients maintain their housing and achieve an optimum quality of life through developing plans, enhancing life skills, addressing health and mental health needs, engaging in meaningful activities and building social and community relations.

Our trained Case Managers will be respectful of the Client’s choice in housing and living arrangements, there will be a moderate access to housing and privacy, functional separation of housing and services, community integration and rights of tenancy through housing classes in the community and documentation provided during home visits and interventions as well as flexible, voluntary, and recovery-focused services.
Service Category: Housing
Application: How do I enroll? Assessment The Vulnerability Index-Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool (VI-SPDAT). Is used for people who are homeless, and conducted at partner agencies, including shelters, services centers, transitional housing programs, permanent housing programs and outreach programs. To ensure the most vulnerable are housed first, the master list is prioritized based on VI-SPDAT scores, length of time homeless, severity of need, and local population priorities for continuity of care. The person is then matched through coordinated entry to a provided for case management services.

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