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Senior services center providing a range of support services to the elderly.

Students Help and Reach Elders

Students Help and Reach Elders enriches the lives of adult residents in nursing homes and assisted-living facilities by linking them with school groups (from pre-school through high school) for friend...
  • 12320 Parklawn Drive Rockville MD 20852
Service Category: Education
Service Eligibility: Seniors (55+)

Transportation Services

Misler Adult Day Center is able to provide critically needed transportation to many of our participants using the JCA ElderBus fleet. Each day, trained drivers who are sensitive to the needs of older...
  • 12320 Parklawn Drive Rockville MD 20852
Service Category: Transportation
Service Eligibility: Seniors (55+)

JCA & WorkSource Montgomery

JCA & WorkSource Montgomery American Job Center of Wheaton, MD JCA is the older worker expert of the American Job Center at the Westfield South Office Building near the Wheaton shopping mall. There,...
Service Category: Work
Service Eligibility: Ages 50+

Senior Helpline

JCA can help you find the senior services you need within the Greater Washington, D.C. area — housing, home care, recreation and more — through the Rose Benté Lee Senior HelpLine and the Steven M. Rei...
  • 12320 Parklawn Drive Rockville MD 20852
Service Category: Care
Service Eligibility: Seniors (55+)
Misler Adult Day Center
1801 East Jefferson St. Rockville MD 20852
Multicultural Center (MCC)
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Jewish Council for the Aging of Greater Washington
12320 Parklawn Drive Rockville MD 20852
Germantown Community Center
18905 Kingsview Rd Germantown MD 20874
Margaret Schweinhaut Senior Center
1000 Forest Glen Road Silver Springs MD 20901
Adult Day Services

Associated Services:
Kensington Clubs

Since 2008, the Kensington Clubs have been offering activities, camaraderie and coping skills for people in the early stages of diagnosed memory loss. Participants enjoy stimulating cognitive and physical programs, morning coffee and lunch in a supportive environment among peers. Caregivers receive respite and support. We have multiple locations for our Kensington Clubs throughout Montgomery County.

Kensington Club is specially designed to serve older adults with diagnosed early stage dementia or mild cognitive impairment. Since 2008, we have been serving people who:

Can enjoy the company of others with minimal risk of wandering,
Take medication independently or with verbal supervision only,
Are able to eat and use the bathroom without assistance,
Ambulate independently or with a cane.
The Club is an outlet for those with early memory loss who desire opportunities to challenge their mind and try new interests, who want to be pro-active and do something about their memory loss, and who can benefit from being around others in a stimulating and positive environment.

Through social interaction, mental challenges and physical activity, the Club seeks to maintain an intimacy and friendship that set it apart from other social day programs. Each member is treated as an individual and a sense of belonging to the Club is evident. Members find common ground and make friends. They recognize that Kensington Club caters to their individual interests and personalities in an atmosphere of warmth and acceptance.

Associated Services:
Misler Center Adult Day Services

The Albert & Helen Misler Adult Day Center in Rockville, Maryland provides stimulating activities, socialization and nursing supervision for older adults with physical, cognitive or emotional challenges. Services include door-to-door transportation and hot kosher lunches. Grants and special funds cover a portion of the daily fees.

The participants at Misler come from a wide variety of backgrounds, reflecting the diversity of the Greater Washington area. People of all faiths and ethnic groups attend the Misler Center.

Our participants are all living in community settings – some live with spouses, others with adult children, some in group homes/assisted living residences and some even live on their own!

The older adults who attend Misler may be:

Socially isolated
Dealing with medical, cognitive or emotional challenges
Dependent on others for care needs
All our participants want to stay in the community, living as independently as possible. The Misler Center is able to help them achieve this goal, providing regular health supervision and an enriched environment with social, physical and cognitive stimulation. At Misler, we believe that it is as important to nourish the spirit as it is to nurture health!

Misler is a friendly and vibrant, non-sectarian adult day center for older adults with physical, cognitive or emotional challenges. Licensed by the State of Maryland, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Office of Health Quality, Misler provides assistance and stimulation by an interdisciplinary team of nurses, social workers, activities leaders and aides.

Misler Center services and activitiesAt Misler, staff all work together to provide an encouraging and supportive therapeutic environment for participants.

Our staff to participant ratio goes well beyond the requirements of the State of Maryland, demonstrating our commitment to excellence. Services include but are not limited to:

Door-to-door, fully accessible transportation provided by JCA’s ElderBus fleet
A daily choice among a variety of activities designed to meet a range of interests, needs and abilities and provide enriched cognitive and physical stimulation
Health services from RNs – monitoring of blood pressure, blood sugar, weight; medication administration
Assistance with every day activities from certified nursing assistants and geriatric aides
Social work services, including support for both participants and their families
Easy access to physical, occupational and speech therapy
On-site regular podiatry services
Nutritious and hot four course Kosher meals and snacks, with attention to special diets

Associated Services:

Call Connect-A-Ride for answers and assistance. The Connect-A-Ride Transportation Resource Center is a free service that helps seniors and disabled adults of all ages find the transportation they need. Certified Information and Mobility Specialists help with schedules, benefits and eligibility requirements in:

Montgomery County, Maryland;
Arlington and Fairfax Counties in Virginia; and
the Virginia cities of Alexandria, Fairfax and Falls Church.
If you live in one of these jurisdictions and need transportation assistance, call Connect-A-Ride at 301.738.3252 or 703.323.6494.

Associated Services:
Senior Employment

Associated Services:
Heyman Interages Center

The JCA Heyman Interages® Center intergenerational programs have brought children and older adults together for 30 years. Since 1986, approximately 45,000 children and older adults in more than 100 schools and senior facilities have benefited from participation in our programs. Over the years hundreds of dedicated and caring older adult volunteers, who are the heart of Interages, have made a significant difference in the lives of children.

Associated Services: